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Our Team

Choi, Kyungsuk


Ewha Law school (ethics, biothics law)

Kwon Bokgyu


School of Medicine (medical ethics)

Kim Hyeon Cheol


Ewha Law school (philosophy of law, medical law)

Oh, Jong Geon


Ewha Law school (philosophy of law, civil law)

Bae Hyun A


Ewha Law School (medical law)

Lee Won Bok


Ewha Law school (law & life science technology)

Chang Young-Min, Law School (criminal law, philosophy of law)
Kwon Bok-gyu, School of Medicine (medical ethics)
Kim Hyeon-Cheol, Law School (philosophy of law, medical law)
Bae Hyun-A, Law School (medical law)
Choi Gyeong-hui, College of Education (science education)
Choi Kyung-suk, Law School (Ethics, biothics law)
Kang Mi-na, the Department of Social Sciences (health and medical administration)
Lee Won-Bok, Law School (medical life science, intellectual property law)
Jung Seong-cheol, School of Medicine (biochemistry)
Choi Hee-Kyung, Law School (constitutional law)
Heo Ra-geum, Department of women’s studies (women’s studies)

Ko Bong-jin, Jeju Law School (bio-criminal law)
Ko In-seok, Inha Univ. Department of Humanities (scientific philosophy)
Kim Gye-seong, Hanyang School of Medicine (cytogeny)
Kim Myeong-hui, Hanmaeum Blood Center (Medicine)
Kim Su-jeong, Catholic Univ. Graduate School of Life Science (Ethics)
Kim Jang-han, Ulsan School of Medicine (Medicine)
Mok Kwang-su, Gyeongsang National Univ. Department of Humanities (philosophy)
Park Gyeong-sin, Korea Law School (American law)
Park Su-heon, Sookmyung Women’s Univ. Department of Law (administrative law)
Park In-hoe, Myongji Univ. Department of Law (intellectual property law)
Park Jong-hyeon, Soongsil Univ. Department of Law (constitutional law)
Park Ju-hyeon, Chung-ang Law School (law, medicine)
Park Jun-seok, Chonbuk Law School (philosophy of law)
Seo Gyewon, Dongguk Univ. Law Department (bio patent law)
Son Gye-ryong, law firm E-in (law)
Lee Guk-bong, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Graduate School of Politics (politics)
Lee Gyeong-hun, Gachon School of Medicine (obstetrics and gynecology)
Lee Bong-rim, researcher of Korea Law School (civil law)
Lee Seok-bae, Dankook Univ. Law Department (law)
Lee Eun-yeong, Chonbuk Law School (law)
Lee Eun-Jeong, KBS(science journalist) (bioethics)
Cho Hyeon-in, Institutional Review Board of Samsung Medical Center (pharmacy)
Hong Seog-yeong, College of Education, Gyeongsang National Univ. (bioethics, anthropology.)