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Policy for Welfare Technology in the Aging Society


An increasing life expectancy does not guarantee a healthy life expectancy; and the prolonged life span has increased the needs for help from both humans and machines among older adults. Facing population aging challenges, a number of countries have new initiatives to develop technologies for older adults, esp. those with acquired disabilities. In this context, this presentation will discuss the following questions: (a) What is the difference between human-oriented and technology-oriented services for older adults? (b) What kinds of technologies have been developed and used to assist older adults? (c) What are the roles of social welfare and technology policy in better serving older adults in need?

At the presentation, the background and context of emerging terms will be discussed, such as welfare technology, assistive technology, adaptive technology, and quality of life technology. Also, different types of technologies for older adults will be compared in terms of their stakeholders and usability. Finally, policy recommendations will be presented.

Moon Choi (최문정) is an Assistant Professor of Aging and Technology in the Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy at KAIST (http://stp.kaist.ac.kr). Her research focuses on gerontology, gerontechnology, and social policy, bridging between social welfare policy and technology policy.  She has published in the areas of senior transportation, mobility limitations, and health and mental health disparities among older adults. Her current projects aim to examine how neighborhood characteristics influence life-space mobility and subsequent cognitive functioning in later life, using big data collected from wearable computers and smartphones, and to translate research findings into policy and practice to promote mobility and social integration among older adults. She has received her Ph.D. in Social Welfare from Case Western Reserve University Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences and completed her two-year postdoctoral training in epidemiology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Before joining KAIST in 2014, she was an Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky College of Social Work and also interned at United Nations Secretariat Department of Economic and Social Affairs. For more information about her research, visit http://aging.kaist.ac.kr